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PSInet is a global water potential network designed to close knowledge gaps surrounding the water potential gradients that drive ecosystem water flows and govern many aspects of plant function. As part of that work, we are building an open-access database for time series of plant water potential collected in field research settings, including both discrete measurements made with pressure chambers and continuous measurements enabled by psychrometers, tensiometers, and other emerging technologies.

Pre-submission survey

By filling out this survey, you are indicating your interest in sharing a plant water potential time series dataset, likely collected using a pressure chamber approach, to the database. The database will be published as an open-access tool (e.g. CC-By-4.0 license). Sharing data by December 2024 will make you eligible to co-author a network-level data publication (up to two personnel per site) and will give you and your team members priority access to the entire database during a one-year embargo period prior to publication of the data paper. PSInet can also work with you to provide a site-specific DOI for your dataset if desired. Data providers will be given priority access to other network activities, including workshops, conference meet-ups, and some sites may find that sharing data opens the door to future synthesis projects.

This survey will take about 15 minutes and should describe a single dataset. If you have questions or need clarification, please contact Jessica Guo or Renata Diaz. After you fill out this survey, you will receive more detailed instructions about how to prepare your data for submission using an Excel template. PSInet will also be holding online help sessions (datathons) to provide additional instructions and answer contributor questions.